Films and Books Magazine: Our Picks for Top 5 Korean Dramas 2013

Films and Books Magazine: Our Picks for Top 5 Korean Dramas 2013
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Indy Films & Books reports on the top five Korean Dramas of 2013.

Films and Books seasonal review of the top 5 best Korean Dramas of 2013 for summer reviews and rates five new and upcoming dramas featuring Korean superstars such as singing sensation Lee Sung-Gi.

Films & Books picks for five most promising coming Korean Dramas for 2013 are eclectic—from Korean mythology to romantic comedy to crime suspense drama to office drama. Follow F&B’s ongoing coverage of the Korean Drama scene throughout the year for best bets to watch, and most promising releasing dramas.

Films and Books reviews Gu Family Book, a hit Korean Drama for 2013

Films and Books reviews Gu Family Book, a hit Korean Drama for 2013

Gu Family Book”

Gu Family Book is a Korean drama series which features trust, deception, love, hatred, and various traditional Korean myths.  Thousands across the globe were easily drawn to stay tuned as the series displayed good acting and scenarios that are never seen before in Korean television during its pilot episode. Read more…

“All About Romance”

All about romance is another love story flick by the infamous director Son Jung -Hyun and writer Kwon Ki-Young. The story revolves around two individuals namely Kim Soo-Young and No Min-Young with different political affiliations falling in love with another…

“Cruel City”

Are you a fan of crime drama? Cruel city will surely entertain you most as it promises to be a perfect combination of tragedy, love, and everything in between. This drama is brought to us by two of the finest Korean directors namely Jang Yong-Woo and Lee Jeong-hyo. The series’ writer, Yoo Seong-Yeol successfully captured a considerable amount of audience even just after a few episodes as he delivered amazing and stimulating scenarios….

“Dating Agency: Cyrano”

The creative mind of Kim Heon-Suk paved way to the birth of a feel-good Korean drama series entitled Dating Agency: Cyrano.  This funny and heartwarming Korean drama installment features a small agency which claims 100% success in making people fall in love. The agency consists of energetic and self-proclaimed love experts who will do almost everything just to satisfy their clients and leave them with a happy love life…

“The Queen of Office”

Jeon Chang-Geun, a highly-acclaimed Korean drama director is the one behind the promising series entitled The Queen of Office. It is about the struggle of a temporary employee, Ms. Kim (Kim Hye-Soo), in building a relation with her prideful but experienced co-worker Jang Kyu-Jik (Oh Ji-Ho). Read more…

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