Resources for Journalists

Resources for Journalists

Zines Online’s list of helpful resources for journalists

Our journalists and contributors have found these resources helpful in researching stories for our magazines. Fact checking is important to meet the basic ethical standard of journalists—both professional and unpaid Citizen Journalists.

Supreme Court
Fed Court of Appeals
All US Courts
Fed Laws and Regs
Government Agencies
Index of U.S. Gov. Agencies
Federal Register

Zines Online's resources for professional and citizen journalists

Zines Online’s resources for professional and citizen journalists

GPO Resource List
THOMAS (Congress)
Federal Inspectors General
Library of Congress
CDC Centers for Disease Control
Patents & Trademarks

Government Statistics
Census Bureau
US Government Stats
Bureau of Justice Stats
Uniform Crime Reports

US Newspapers
World Newspapers

Lobbyists and Lobbying
PolitiFact Truth-o-Meter

Public Records
Public Records Directory
Environmental RE Database
National Security Archive

Transportation Safety
Aviation Safety
Railway Safety
Highway Safety

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